Imran Khan 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan – A Destined Event

Imran Khan 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan – A Destined Event

IMRAN KHAN BIRTH DATE: 05.10.1952. This adds up in Numerology to the total Life Path number 5. The number 5 numerologically means and represents in the Tarot CHANGE after CONFLICT!

In the Tarot 5 is THE HIEROPHANT card. Which is a Major Arcana card, meaning Destiny card. It represents RIGHTEOUSNESS & HIERARCHY.

IMRAN KHAN AGE: 65yrs. This adds up to the total 11. The number 11 numerologically means and represents in the Tarot & Spirituality as FAITH, JUSTICE, & UNITY.

In the Tarot 11 is THE JUSTICE card. Which is not only a Major Arcana card but a Master number card. This is also the card that represents the astrological sign of Libra (Imran Khan’s astrological Sun Sign), that is, symbolised once again by the scales of justice. The number 11 adds upto 2. This is the number for THE HIGH PRIESTESS card. Which is another Major Arcana card that represents INTUTION & KNOWLEDGE.

IMRAN KHAN IS 22ND PRIME MINISTER: In Numerology 22 is the most powerful of all numbers. It is often called the Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers.

In Tarot 22 adds upto 4. In the Tarot the 22nd Major Arcana card (commonly numbered 0) is THE FOOL card. Which represents NEW BEGINNINGS. And 4 in the Tarot is the number for THE EMPEROR card. Being another Major Arcana card, which represents STABILITY & RULERSHIP.

Imran Khan being elected, and taking his Oath all is happenning in the 8th Month of August. The number 8 numerologically means KARMA/Karmic Events. In the Tarot the number 8 is represented by the Major Arcana THE STRENGTH card. This is commomly referred to as the ‘the Leo card’ and depicted by a Lion. Meaning STRENGTH & LEADERSHIP.

My conclusion is Imran Khan was born and destined to bring righteousness, faith, change, justice, unity, stability and new beginnings to our home country Pakistan through his leadership and rule. This can be seen evidently by his strong position in the hierarchy of Politics today as Prime Minister. Which has come after much conflict.

How clear is the vision of the 5 Major Arcana cards from the Tarot representing his Numerological Life Path number 5. Him sitting; like the Emperor on his throne, looking at the High Priestess; who holds the book of Knowledge. A major life changing moment shown in the 5 Major Destiny cards.

I look forwards to a better and fresher new vistas to come before us in the near future! Long live Imran Khan.

By Sophie K


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