My bloggings from November 2015 – “Humanity.. “

I am feeling silent, but my heart is with every innocent individual hurt or lost to manic terrors spread by soulless empty like vessels that wear masks of patriotism and/or religion, to carry out their own distorted versions of justice, using and manipulating groups of war victims to cover their own agendas, by twisting main-line faiths into customised branded secular systems, to which, they use the weak in shouldering their heartless triggers causing chaotic explosions of bloodshed across our nations, making it a never-ending hell on earth. I say one thing only to those people taking innocent lives, be it whichever side of the border you’re on.. “A newborn before given it’s name or faith, is just an innocent human being, and so is our humanity.” Therefore, put aside those religious or so-called false beliefs, and starve your greeds, put hereforth practice in humanity, spirituality, and charity; these are the things most needed to gain peace, tolerance and love for our entire humanity. Forget such religious limitations and contradictions that stop you from being good to one another! Not saying to desert your faiths, on the contrary, use it to build foundations of unity, but then be open minded, don’t follow blind, search enlightenment from within, read and understand righteous teachings yourself not just hear and believe them, learn by aquiring knowledge not just information, and then live to gain wisdom and not to be another clone of existence. Positivity in all sight is the signs to true guidance, ignorance and negativity is the great fall! Remember we all stem from the one DNA chain; the more we play this tug of war, the weaker this chain gets, till it’s broken.. Then all we’ll be is nothing but fragments in lost time of space.. An echo of our energies will be asking for the whole of an eternity otherwise… “What did we gain?” I hear.. “Nothing… Nothing… NOTHING!!” [Sophie K] #Peace2All ✌

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