Karmic Soulmates, Echoes Of My Heart

Karmic Soulmates, Echoes Of My Heart

Some wounds heals, scars remain. The echoes of my heart keep the ghosts of the past alive. If you come near enough, you can still hear the voices today…

“What do you want from me?” My way of saying, “Why did you cheat if you want to be with me?” Leading to “I hate you!” My way of saying, “You hurt me!” Or reaching out to others who were willing to listen when gone unheard, “He is weak!” My way of saying, “Why didn’t you stand up for me you coward!” And finally, “I want a divorce!” My way of saying, “You abandoned me, so I’m done waiting for you to get your shit together!” Then my silence, my way of saying, “You let me down. So maybe, it’s goodbye forever now…” My cursing him, my way of saying, “You do the right thing, I need justice!”

Echoes of my heart, screaming once more to say, “Let me bleed a little more, let me express the pain one last time more, I need time, so much time more, to heal… Can you hear me? Do you really feel the extent to how much broken my heart is, by the shattered dreams I saw before you! NO. I don’t think so you do… How could you know what damage you did to me – if you were capable of this, then you would of died a thousand deaths knowing, how much I forgave you before I left.”
The passage of time from birth to death is not long, but forever long, if one is dragged rather than guided. I wanted to be guided, but he was dragging me by my neck making his grip tighter with every step! How could one live this way. Secrets; Like a tight-rope around your neck by the keeper. A burden for the keeper to drag, and a slow torturing death to the one being dragged. Why do people hurt people. Is desire so needed? Can one not be patient or courageous enough to let go, express the truth. Is it so hard to be true?

There are some out there, who are damaged beyond repair. They will break you. Beware of guarding your heart against those, they bring out your Shadow-Self; Make you cross your boundaries, and then let you face the misery of your own demise. Is it necessary to see yourself fall before you understand that there is no one to catch you. Sometimes yes, because you need to see yourself rise, to learn your power. So you can fight back to show them, that not everyone will escape you, or fall and never get up! Some will rise up stronger than ever before, and bend you with all their force, either to change your way, or move you out theirs! I was the latter.

It hurts so much to break, especially, the first time; Like stretching your bones to give birth for the very first time. It gets easier with the second, third, and so forth. There are some who only break once, so much so, that they are unbreakable after that point. Those are the ones who don’t easily trust, maybe due to a childhood heartbreak. If you hurt these people, they never forgive. They may forget for a while if distracted with the sweetness of the nectar that once melted on their hearts; A love from another. But it will creep back if constant effort is not made. Otherwise, it’s a lifetime of forgetting… Echoes of the heart.

How does the keeper of secrets seek forgiveness from the ones he broke? The answer is, by doing justice in the way they see justice; If you can’t be their nectar, then be the Bee that goes find it! It may be too late for you to be the one to heal them. But if you really want to quieten their heart, then find a sweet voice that can sing them better. Heal them, before they reach the end of the passage. For once they cross over, you will never get the chance again to earn forgiveness. Yes, earn. If you really want them to forgive you from the heart you broke, then heal that very heart! It’s easy to say “Sorry” but harder to be forgiven. Mercy, is shown to the vulnerable, not the perpetrators. If you have wronged, you must make it right! It’s as simple as that.

It’s easy to walk away and believe that time will heal. I was wrong to them but so what, there were many wrong to me! This only starts a karmic wheel of injustices that one pays for over and over again. Only increasing the karma every time the wheel goes round!

So where does one start in all the silences, and echoes in between… Maybe by saying, “Yes, I have wronged you. And I want YOU to tell me how to make it right? … I am willing to do anything to undo the hurt I have given you. And I want to earn your forgiveness, if it’s not too late let me try…” And then wait, as long as it takes, patiently wait for them to say, “Yes, I want my justice. If you really want my forgiveness then I’m willing to give you this last chance to make it right! Lets see if you can do it.” Then go find them that nectar, the sweet voice, the calm to all the echoes, the love you couldn’t give them, go find it for them. Maybe you weren’t never meant to be in their hearts, but to break and make space for another! This was your destiny, your soul contract. Make a promise for all the broken promises, that this time, you will fulfil, that you will come true. There will be heard only sweet singing, and no more echoes!

For souls know each other; Before they meet here, they meet there, the space between life and death, real and surreal, conscious and subconscious, you feel it in the depth of your bones, in each living cell that makes you who you are, in their eyes that look so familiar, in their hands that hold you captive every time they touch you. When you lose them, there is a dread of a feeling that something is left undone. It’s our destiny to complete it. This is the only truth we can never forget after we are born. This is why it is so tragic! We came to find each other only to break each other for another. It is what it is.

Karmic Soulmates, Echoes of my heart!
By Sophie K

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