Lil Chef Aarish… !

ABOUT LAST NIGHT.. When your 4yrs old cooks his 15mins meals behind your back! 😳 Do I tell him off using the microwave oven* without supervision, or applaud him for cooking his food to perfection better than me.. LOL!! 🙄😅🤔Pure GENIUS lil Chef in the Khans Kitchen. 🤩Explains the other day when he took out the meat bag from the freezer and put it in the pot pan on cooker all ready to go lol. 🤗🍽 I see my tea cup with a teabag already placed in it by the kettle this morning… There’s no guessing what he’s trying next right.. !!! ☕ #MomCatchUp #MomRants #LilChefGenius

*Convection cooking via Hot Blast feature button used on microwave oven.

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