Aarish’s Key Milestones Reached at 5yrs… Childhood Autism Milestones

Milestones reached at 5yrs…

***Key Milestones Success at 5yrs old: Feeding, Toilet-training and Learning Literacy & Numeracy.


*Social/Emotional – Emoting Expressions, Imaginative Play, and Socializing with Peers: At 2yrs age range;

*Language/Communication – Learning Literacy & Numeracy: At 1-2yrs age range;

*Cognitive (Learning, Thinking, Problem-Solving):

*Basic Skills at 3-4yrs age range.

**Advanced skills i.e. Cooking, Crafts & DIY: At 5yrs plus;

***Gifted In: Technology & Electronics and Photographic Memory;

*Movement/Physical Development i.e. Feeding and Toilet-training: At 2-3yrs age range. Physical Play: At 4-5yrs age range.

***Autism restrictions causing developmental delays: Rigid Interaction, Social Deficit, Repetitive behavior, Speech delay/Selective Muteness, and Sensory issues.

Assessment Review April 2019, by Sophie K

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