Understanding Autism…

Autism should not be suppressed but expressed. Autism should not be disregarded as madness, but seen as a brain wired different.

Going undiagnosed will have the Autistic person feeling throughout life guilty of why they can’t understand things like you do, why they felt like a child in a adult’s body for a very long time, why sensory issues like hearing sounds louder than normal made it a struggle to hear your voice, like that fly in the room sounded like a nest of bees, like avoiding your cat’s fur body touching them because it triggered uncomfortable electric currents throughout their body, like the lights being dimmed would feel better, like feeling cold in summer and hot in winter is sometimes an issue, or getting hair blow-dryed or teeth brushed is painful, like being sensitive to smells makes us nauseous, like touching or getting your attention repetitively gives us comfort, why not being able to read faces expressions, tone of voice, body language or gestures, like having no filters & boundaries leave us vulnerable to being used by others, or also abused back for something we’re born to have no control over in the conscious!

Autistic people may act mad sometimes, but only because of triggers that cause them to do so; like a non Autistic person does so when lack of sleep makes them cranky… Yes, Autism is like having a brain that never sleeps, don’t push the Autistic person, but calm them, that’s all they need. If you witness these behavior traits in someone then don’t judge, but practice compassion with them… They might not know they have Autism, so create awareness… If they know then you should know better that they have no control over their meltdowns caused by certain triggers, calm them and remember they learn through repetition, be patient with their ways…

Autistic people are usually gifted genius in many areas that will amaze you, if you care to get to know them, and build their trust that you won’t push them, then Autistic people are the most honest and loyal friends you can ever had made… This is because Autistic people don’t understand worldly ways of diplomacy, or materialism, so they can’t cheat you; due to their very own high moral compass. They see things either right or wrong, clarity and fairness is important to them, if trust is broken then the damage done is longterm. If you want to teach them how to live in society then teach with tender love, knowing well they need space and time to absorb lessons. Know, it takes them longer to understand, and even longer to show change.

If you think Autism is the same in all persons then look again, every Autistic person is different! Some Can’t talk and are non verbal, some can talk but don’t understand you talking, some can’t hear, and some can hear but hear too much; trying to process so hard that they look like they’re ignoring you. Autistic people get distracted too easily, so make sure you get their attention first! Let them withdraw and rest a lot, if you give them that time without guilt, they will be more happy with you. ❤

Written by Sophie. K (Aspergal/Autism Mom)

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