These cobwebs are like fogs in an Autistic brain covering vital functions where communication signals or energy are not reaching! So, how are these persons gifted with photographic memory, technology and the arts? Energy is never wasted it’s re-distributed! … If one of the 6 senses for example are not working, then the energy or strength of signals are distributed from the dormant sense to the remaining senses. Same is, for the parts of the brain where other functions are usually active in the average range, are there boosted to genius range! This is why the 6th sense (ESP) is commonly high in such individuals; compensating for example, social communication, logical/emotional reasoning, imagination, anticipation, short-term and/or active memory functions. It’s also the reason why some increased functions of the brain trigger fight or flight mode in such individuals creating anxiety, disorder or chaos! Cobwebs or a ticking time-bomb, it is all workable, if you’re aware, and able to think ahead of the individual going through this, vital, in order to interact with them positively, giving them the calm they need! Enjoy their gifts such as, inherited talents at genius level, ESP and photographic memory, by using them to their advantage, their shortcomings won’t look so much of an issue, but a minor adjustment…

By Sophie K

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