Bedtime Stories… Zzz


Origins Of AriSH

Chapter One

Destiny planet is where all the special people live. I live here!

I was sent here after the night of the three comets… Mommy tells me the three comets were special people just like me.

The first was a God Fairy who would turn into a Star and shine bright at night. She had the most beautiful Magic White Pearls that she gave to the sick or sad and gave them back their smiles again. She was called Aleena.

The second was a Fallen Angel made of Fire. He would turn into the yellow Sun in the day and burn like the orange flames of fire at night keeping people nearby warm. He had a Magic Blue Watch that made him invisible. He would use it when people wanted too much fire. His name was Vish.

The third was an Angel. Her heart was made from Ice. She had long beautiful golden hair that all the people wished to touch and steal, but she protected them. She hadn’t got her wings yet so used her flying chariot to escape. She had the light and power of the Moon, whatever people wished from her they would receive like miracles! So, people would ask her to pray for them. Her name was Moon.

So, on that magic night the God Fairy Aleena had a grand birthday party. Aleena and Moon were dancing under the moonlight around the famous water fountains of Destiny planet… Then arrived Vish and his fire warmed up Moon’s Ice heart, Vish also for the first time felt like not being invisible. He started to tell stories making everyone laugh, and the three of them cheered and danced all night. On the break of dawn Moon went back to her castle faraway in the mountains to retreat. It was the best night ever and Moon went into peaceful slumber with a happy smile.

The next morning Moon saw the sun shining brighter than ever. The birds were flying around the sun scribing a message in the clouds… Moon looked closer and saw it was a message saying, “My dearest Moon let’s meet again? Vish…” Moon made a prayer that she would find a reason to meet him again soon. She continued passing her days thinking about that night, and every day she would see the same message in the morning sky, and then finally that day came…

Chapter Two

Moon was called for duty in the town of the famous water fountains where Vish lived. The town Mayor Abel wanted her to cut the ribbon to his new Toy store, which would be the grandest yet in Destiny planet. Abel was a very generous man and loved Kids. She left on her flying chariot with excitement. She sent a message through the birds to Vish letting him know she was arriving that evening. He also was very excited and waiting for her at the water fountains that night…

When she arrived at the water fountains Vish took her for a walk in the forest. There he told her he wanted to show her a fireworks display. She looked up in the midnight sky and realised it was a lunar eclipse, so there was no Aleena shining star, or moonlight. But then she saw an amazing sight of lights… It was Vish flying in the night sky making fireworks, and it was truly magical! Then all went dark and she couldn’t see anything. She then felt Vish’s hands opening her long golden plaited hair. She got scared because till now no one had touched her hair. But his heat had warmed her Ice heart into a bubble. Moon started to float in the air with Vish to the highest point in the sky… As the lunar eclipse ended and moonlight returned to its former glory they kissed under the moonlight sky. There was loud thunder, and it started to rain heavily. Due to the rainclouds Aleena couldn’t see what was going on with Moon and Vish to help them escape the storm. They had retreated in the forest log house for the night. A dangerous storm passed that night, but both unaware as they fell into a deep slumber in each other’s arms.

When they woke the next morning and came outside everyone was crying at their destroyed homes, and for the people who had died because of the cold. They questioned Vish why he didn’t come and warm them up by his fire, and Moon for why she didn’t pray for the storm to pass safely that night. Vish got angry and used his magic watch to disappear! Moon’s Ice heart felt a crack of agony for the people, she left for her castle to pray for forgiveness. Moon prayed for many nights asking for the Universe Master to make things better for the people. The sun had not come out for many days now, and the sky was filled with heavy rainclouds. Aleena came in the days to give the people her magic pearls, and at night to shine her star light to them. And then finally one night whilst Moon was praying she felt a snowflake drop on her hair. It melted into a silver­-grey liquid, shining in streaks of silver through her golden hair. She then heard a voice saying, “You must go to Aleena, you have been blessed!” She didn’t understand.

Chapter Three

Aleena on seeing Moon’s hair asked her about that night, and then sent a message to Vish on meeting with them. Moon asked Aleena what being blessed meant, and so Aleena explained to her, “You will be getting your wings soon, and so must learn to fly!”’ Moon smiled and said, “Why now?” Aleena said, “Because you will need to carry your snowflake across the skies to a different planet to protect it!” Moon said, “The snowflake has melted on my hair, so I don’t understand?” Aleena said, “The Snowflake is a baby Angel made of Snow from the Heavens of Aria’s Throne, he will be sharp as Icicles in the skies, and pure as raindrops on the earth. He will have both yours and Vish’s magic gifts, so will shine like the sun in day and moon at night. And I’ve been told to protect him with you from the people of Destiny planet who will blame him for the storm.”

On seeing Vish and his worry she decided to leave Destiny planet for the time being, without telling him she left for a safe place. When Vish found out Moon had left without notice he got very angry, and used his magic watch to disappear! Moon would never see his messages in the sky again. Destiny planet never saw his sun shine bright ever again. Till one day Aleena got a message from Moon that she was coming to Destiny planet with snowflake. When Aleena asked what Moon had named the Snowflake she replied, “His name is AriSH.”

Vish heard of the news of Moon’s arrival, and waited again at the water fountains knowing she will come there. He heard a sound of flapping in the sky, he looked up to see Moon’s Wings spread open. They were silver gold coloured, matching the silver streaks in her golden hair. He flew up to her in the sky, and saw there in her arms was the snowflake, AriSH. Moon put AriSH into Vish’s arms and suddenly lightening stroked! Within a flash Vish’s hair had turned all silver. They were reunited… But for how long? Aleena shone her light on them that night. But the next coming day none of them knew what was to come of them. Vish had vowed that night to protect their snowflake from the people who blamed him for the storm, but who was to know that he will soon again disappear! …

What happens the next morning? Why does Vish disappear? What do Moon, and Aleena do? How is AriSH doing now… To be continued!